Note: AFK Journey is not yet available in some regions.
If you are from one of those areas, you may not be able to download the game.
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  • AFK Journey is a free-to-play ethereal fantasy
  • RPG coming to PC and mobile platforms.
  • You will experience a blend of AFK gameplay with new strategic layers and storytelling
  • set in the world of Esperia.

By May 30, 2024,we will notify the winning magisters through the AFK Journey in-game mailbox as well as the email you submitted.
Personal information for prize distribution will be collected from the winners through the in-game email. Winners must fill in the required informationwithin 15 days of receiving the email,
or else the reward will be forfeited.

The personal information provided in this event, such as bank card information and delivery details,will be used for event management and winner verification.
We prioritize user privacy and handle personal information responsibly and transparently.
If participants have any questions about our private practices or use of information,
please contact us for further clarification.

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    Official Community Team

Stay tuned to our game community for the latest updates on AFK Journey.

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